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Plan Your Success in 2016


If you don’t PLAN FOR YOUR SUCCESS in 2015!  You won’t BE SUCCESSFUL in 2016!  Success seldom falls from the sky or into our laps.  We have to PLAN for it and WORK OUR PLAN!

Planning should follow the FORMULA to SUCCESS strategy of strengthening your ATTITUDE; focusing on GOAL ACHIEVING ACTIVITY; and ENHANCING YOUR KNOWLEDGE base.

Sales PROFESSIONALS know and understand the METRICS that relate to their SUCCESS. They know the answers to all of these questions.

1.  How many sales must be made at an average commission per sale to ACHIEVE YOUR ANNUAL INCOME GOAL?

2.)   How many QUALIFIED PROSPECTS do you have to see, meet with, propose to to CLOSE the number of sales you need to ACHIEVE YOUR ANNUAL INCOME GOAL?

3.)  How many contacts, calls, do you need to make to get in front of or get a proposal in front of  the number of QUALIFIED PROSPECTS you need in two above.

SALES Professionals also know the importance of GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE and SUPPORT and include a CUSTOMER CONTACT PROTOCOL in their ANNUAL SUCCESS PLAN that spells out who, when, and how each customer or client will be TOUCHED or CONTACTED in the PLAN YEAR!

GREAT SUCCESS PLANS include knowledge acquisition and training strategies to enhance product, market, sales, technology knowledge.  Top Level PROS invest in themselves knowing that their INVESTMENT will pay off in SALES SUCCESS, CAREER ENHANCEMENT, and PERSONAL SATISFACTION.  A reading program is a great way to insure you keep current with sales strategies, techniques and processes.  Mentoring  AT ANY LEVEL of your career is a GREAT IDEA.  Engage and able Mentor who has been down the road in front of you and who knows what it takes to remain successful.

TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF in 2016.  Exercise, eat nutritious food, get plenty of sleep, exercise in moderation and take time to help others more needy than yourself.  Meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, are all GREAT WAYS to care for yourself and help you RENEW your MIND and SPIRIT.

PLAN YOUR SUCCESS!  Follow YOUR PLAN!  Take care of yourself.  Maintain a GREAT and POSITIVE, can-do ATTITUDE.  Focus on GOAL ACHIEVING ACTIVITY on a DAILY BASIS.  Invest in your own CAREER by engaging a MENTOR, reading or attending relevant TRAINING.  Monitor your progress in ACHIEVING your sales and personal goals and be willing to make ANY changes you need to be successful.




Formula to Success says Sales Isn’t for Sissies

The Formula To Success for Maximizing Sales Performance and a Better Life!  by Bruce C. "Brew" Harrell

Formula to Success says Sales Isn’t for Sissies

Being successful in sales has never been easy.  If selling anything was easy, no one would ever hire a sales person.  It isn’t and GREAT sales people know how hard it is but they have realized that there is a SYSTEM that they can follow that leads to success.  The courage to set goals and take the actions necessary to achieve them on a daily basis is rare.  SALES STARS have it and people who want to “try” sales usually don’t.

The SYSTEM is pretty simple and is found in a very easy to read book: the FORMULA TO SUCCESS FOR MAXIMUM SALES PERFORMANCE AND A BETTER LIFE! by Bruce C. “Brew” Harrell, CDIA+, an experienced leader of successful sales teams, author, motivational speaker and President of Mobile Web Development LLC – Digital Marketing Solutions and the Harrell Training Group.

The book is based on 25+ years experience leading and managing SALES STARS.  The book lays out the Formula to Success starting with the importance of ATTITUDE in selling success and succinctly explains the rest of the formula.

Check out for a FREE preview of this international seller prior to purchasing the digital or paperback versions of this highly motivational book.



Five TIPS to Boost Your Sales Career in 2014

Five TIPS to Boost Your Sales Career in 2014


  1. Check your ATTITUDE!  Attitude affects EVERYTHING we do!  Do you have a positive PROFESSIONAL attitude!  Do you believe in yourself?  Your company?  Your products and services?  What we think and how we think really makes a huge difference to the outcome of any task.  Think you can or think you can’t and you are probably right!  
  2. Develop a NETWORK OF POSITIVE professionals!  Network with professionals who are SUCCESSFUL in their  careers and willing to share success information.  Hang out with positive, can-do, professionals with GREAT ATTITUDES and you will find your attitude adjusting upward!!
  3. Develop or NURTURE your SENSE of URGENCY!  Be anxious to get things DONE TODAY!  Today is the best time to make that sales call, write that sales letter, develop that sales contact.  TODAY is the DAY to do the things you need to do to be successful!  Procrastinating in sales is never good.  Good things happen to people in sales who have a highly developed SENSE of URGENCY!
  4. Make GOAL ACHIEVING ACTIVITY your priority!  There are really only two types of business activities we do on a daily basis: Goal Achieving and Stress Relieving.  GOAL ACHIEVING ACTIVITIES are those activities or tasks that produce prospects or move the prospects along the sales process towards the close.  STRESS RELIEVING ACTIVITIES are those necessary actions and activities that keep us from going postal.  Interpersonal relationship building, discussions, anti-stress activities are all important but cannot be a priority.  SALES STARS make GOAL ACHIEVING ACTIVITY their PRIORITY!   For years I watched new and experienced sales reps shuffling business cards over and over.  My guess is that they were looking for someone to call but just couldn’t stop shuffling the cards long enough to make a call. Professionals plan who and when to call and have no doubt what goal achieving activities need to be accomplished daily.  The best keep an APPOINTMENT with SUCCESS or a religiously scheduled prospecting or GOAL ACHIEVING ACTIVITY  time that they are committed to keeping.
  5. Constantly ADD to YOUR SKILL SET!  A HUGE study in the 1980’s showed that JOB KNOWLEDGE was the number one predictor of SUCCESS in SALES!  Never assume you have arrived! Be a learner.  Invest in yourself.  Hire a MENTOR or COACH!  Seek out the best training you can find.   Read.  Research best practices in your industry.  Become a product or service expert.  Constantly seek new information to add to your knowledge base.


For more information on what SALES STARS know about SELLING SUCCESS check out a FREE PREVIEW of The Formula to Success for Maximum Sales Performance and A Better Life!

 How to Make This Your Best Sales Year Yet – A Quick Sales Tip from B2B Sales Connections

  B2B Sales Coach & Author

It’s the start of a new sales year! All around the sales world, kick off meetings are being planned, new quotas are being assigned, and sales people are setting their own personal achievement goals. As the old saying goes, “As we make our resolutions for the year ahead, let us go forward with great hope that all things can be possible.”

To help you make this your best sales year yet, here are some tools that will not only help you in your goal setting process, but more importantly, help you to develop a plan of action to achieve them.

The first tool is the book “The Formula to SUCCESS for Maximum Sales Performance and a Better Life!” by Bruce C. “Brew” Harrell. A quick read, the book effectively outlines the key components necessary to succeed in sales. More importantly, it shows what area you should concentrate on to maximize your efforts to improve. Quite frankly, after 25 plus years in sales, I was quite surprised how much I took away from this book. Whether you are a raw rookie beginning your sales career, an experienced sales rep looking to rediscover your motivation, or a top quota buster looking to take your performance to the next level, you need to start your sales year off by reading this book. Check it out at

The second tool to help you start your year off right is the “Goal Setting & Action Planning Tool” available for free from the from the B2B Sales Connections Download Centre at This sales tool will help you first define your life goals, and then work you through step by step on what you need to do each and every day to achieve them. Think about it. Is your sales quota important enough for you to hold it dear to your heart and make it the driving force in your life? Probably not. To be truly satisfied in your career, you need to take the time to set your own goals and create a plan of action to achieve them. More quick sales tips at

For more sales techniques used by today’s top producing sales professionals, check out my book “Action Plan For Sales Success” at . It includes specific tips and tools that you can use to impact your sales results immediately, including proven techniques to make your daily sales activities more effective. As one reader put it, “She has helped me make more appointments, close more deals and make more money. The 3 most important concepts in sales.”

Is goal setting and action planning at the start of your sales year important? Absolutely! As Yogi Bera once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” More motivational quotes at

Aim Higher!

Susan A. Enns, B2B Sales Coach and Author
B2B Sales Connections

Effective Leaders Know the Importance of Endurance!

Leadership 101: Leadership Traits and Characteristics – #5 Leadership Trait or Characteristic is ENDURANCE.
Leadership Traits/Characteristics: 1. Emotional Intelligence; 2. Integrity; 3. Vision; 4. Justice (Fairness); 5. Courage;
6. Endurance- is the act, quality, or power of withstanding hardship or stress; the state or fact of persevering; continuing existence; duration. The Old Colonel explained leadership this way: 1. Never eat or sleep before your people do, 2. Never ask them to do anything you cannot or won’t do, 3. ALWAYS lead from the front, and 4. Be Fair. When you look at 1,2, and 3 the trait of endurance is essential. Being able to hang with your team members and even better to set the tone for your team by being in front of them the entire time is essential to effective leadership. Endurance is physical, emotional, and mental. Leadership is not easy and it requires effort. Effort requires energy and focus and energy and focus flow from your physicality, emotional state and your mind. Staying in balance is an effective way to keep your ability to endure, to have the energy and the ability to focus. This includes getting rest, exercise, good nutrition and the other aspects of balance like emotional and mental. Sometimes we get so focused on our objective we forget to fuel the vehicle. Sooner or later, we will run out of gas. Endurance is an essential element to effective leadership.

The Greatest Time Saving SALES TIP Ever!

The Greatest Time Saving SALES TIP Ever!

Want to save time on the phone with prospects and Clients? Save huge amounts of time by SLOWING DOWN when you GIVE OUT YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER!  That is right — SLOW DOWN — Give Your Telephone Number at the SPEED of WRITING and you will NOT have to repeat yourself.  Always ask if the person on the phone can copy the number then when given an affirmative response – GIVE IT OUT AT THE SPEED YOU CAN WRITE IT DOWN.  It is the Greatest Time Saving Sales TIP ever!

It always works LIVE on the PHONE but it also provides benefits and works well when you leave a message with your phone number given at the speed of writing.  All of us have received voice messages from people wanting us to call them back who left their telephone number so fast that we had to rewind three times to get it or it frustrated us to the point we didn’t even try and we certainly didn’t call them back.  Want more call backs?  Give your number out at the SPEED of WRITING!

BENEFITS of the Greatest Time Saving Sales TIP Ever:

  1. It SAVES TIME — you don’t have to repeat yourself.
  2. YOU sound more professional
  3. YOU are less FRUSTRATING to your prospect or client
  4. YOU can use this when you leave messages and get more call backs

For more information on time saving tips and innovative strategies on sales performance improvement, check out

Formula of Success is a Proven Performance Tool

Exceptional primer on what it takes to be successful in sales that every pro and every manager needs to read!

Formula of Success is a Proven Performance Tool

Formula of Success is a proven performance tool used by sales stars and sales star managers in a variety of industries.  This easy to understand and easy to use tool helps sales stars stay on track and improve their performance.  It also allows sales star managers to quickly and effectively assess, diagnose and coach performance issues leading to sales performance improvement.  Formula of Success was “discovered” by Brew Harrell, CDIA+ over a thirty year career leading successful sales teams with companies like Lanier, Danka, and Advanced Imaging Solutions/Strategies.  As a student of the selling process, Harrell learned the value of the Formula of Success working with sales professionals.  From brand new sales people to experienced sales reps, Harrell witnessed the power of the Formula of Success.

Formula of Success Always Starts With Attitude

Formula of Success starts with Attitude.  How you feel about yourself, your company, your products or services, your customers informs your performance.  Having a positive, can do, professional attitude is known to increase performance in sales, sports, and other endeavors.  The great motivational speaker and sales trainer, Zig Zigler always spoke about “Stinking Thinking” and needing a “Check up From the Neck Up” as important aspects of analyzing, assessing and diagnosing performance issues.  Without a Great Attitude, sales professionals will never achieve their potential.  Our Formula of Success starts with ATTITUDE because it is such a critical contributor to success.  During his many years managing successful sales teams, Harrell witnessed the power of a great attitude in the Formula of Success.

Formula of Success Helps Focus on Goal Achieving Activity

Formula of success helps reps focus on goal achieving activity.  In every industry there are recognized tasks or behaviors or activities that produce results.  It could be belly to belly meetings in one industry and a telephone presentation in another.  Whatever the goal achieving activities are, sales stars do them at a much higher rate than others in the sales organization.   Sales star managers know the importance of goal achieving activities and coach their sales pros to maximize the critical selling hours they have each day by staying focused on goal achieving activity.  Harrell knows from his experience that sales stars focus on these activities with a sense of urgency that separates them from the pack, contributes to their success and leads them to promotions and career advancement.  Goal Achieving Activity is one of the key elements to the Formula of Success.

Formula of Success Means Improving Your Skill Set and Knowledge Base

Formula of Success teaches that improving your skill set on a daily basis over the course of your career will propel you to the top of your sales organization and provide you with many opportunities for growth and advancement.  Mastering essential selling skills, always adding to your knowledge base, knowing your customers, their business model, how your technology fits in and benefits them, all contribute to you being successful.  Knowing is powerful and the best sales people invest in themselves everyday by spending time enhancing their skill set or knowledge base.  Sales stars and sales star managers know the power of knowing and understand this power in the Formula of Success.

Formula to Success Unlocks Superior Performance Strategies

Formula to Success by Brew Harrell, CDIA+, unlocks superior performance strategies for committed sales professionals.  This easy to understand and easy to explain formula was “discovered” by Harrell over a thirty year career leading successful sales teams for companies like  Lanier; Danka; and Advanced Imaging Solutions/Strategies.  In that thirty year career, Harrell, worked with highly successful sales professionals to improve their performance and used the Formula to Success as a coaching and performance improvement tool.  The formula’s easy to understand elements resonate with new and experienced hires, motivates them to discover superior performance strategies based on the formula, and produces consistent results.  Knowing that there are only three buckets to look at to improve performance, makes it simple to map out performance improvement strategies.  Top sales representatives and sales managers can benefit from the Formula to Success.

Formula to Success Focuses on Essential Keys to Superior Sales Performance

Formula to Success focuses on the essential keys to superior sales performance.  Developing and maintaining a positive, can do, professional ATTITUDE is an essential key that informs everything we do.  Top end pros know that all success starts with a great Attitude.  Another key is GOAL ACHIEVING ACTIVITY.  Sales stars stay focused on goal achieving activity at a  higher rate than the rest of the sales organization.  SKILL SET is the third bucket and includes product, industry, customer, competitive knowledge.  It also includes selling skills.  Multiply ATTITUDE, ACTIVITY, and SKILL SET by COMMITMENT and success follows.  Success is always insured by PERSISTENCE.  Sales stars and sales star managers know success comes from following the Formula to Success.

Formula to Success Enables Easy Performance Diagnosis

Formula to Success enables easy performance diagnosis.  The three buckets, ATTITUDE, ACTIVITY and SKILL SET are the ONLY areas you can look at to improve sales performance.  ATTITUDE informs everything we do and contributes to our success or lack of success.  Changing our attitude, changing our thoughts about who we are and our value to the organization and our clients will inform our performance.  Smart reps know they have to constantly monitor and manage their attitudes to maintain superior performance.  Changing the amount of time or increasing focus on goal activities will always produce a proportional result.  Sales stars stay focused on goal achieving activity at a higher rate than others in the sales organization.  The third bucket, SKILL SET, is where all of the knowledge base is.  Improve a skill:  managing objections or making more effective C level calls for appointments, or make better presentations, or learn to justify the purchase of your product or service will result in more sales.  Sales pros know and understand that easy performance diagnosis comes from the Formula to Success.

Formula to Success is An Ideal Coaching and Performance Tool

Formula to Success is an Ideal Coaching and performance tool.  Sales managers know that sales performance improvement comes from positive changes in one or more of the three buckets of the Formula to Success.  Effective performance coaching using the Formula to Success as a tool consistently produces positive results with sales professionals.  The time required to effectively coach a sales pro to improve their sales performance is significantly reduced by focusing on the Formula as a diagnostic and coaching tool.   Always bringing the rep back to the fundamentals of sales, the blocking and tackling, is a method of motivating and inspiring superior performance.  It is also a great tool to teach from, as in adding a new skill with the understanding that doing so, and mastering that skill will produce positive results.  Sales star managers know that ideal coaching and performance improvement comes form a great tool like Formula to Success.

Formula for Success Unlocks Sales Performance Secrets

Formula for Success, “discovered” by Bruce C. “Brew” Harrell, CDIA+, over a thirty year career as an award winning sales person and leader of successful sales teams with companies like Daniel Cook and Associates; Lanier; and Danka Industries, unlocks the secrets of top performing sales people.  Starting with a positive, can do, professional attitude and a focus on goal achieving activity, along with an ever increasing selling and product knowledge skill set multiplied by commitment and reinforced with persistence, the Formula For Success creates a blue print to sales success. It also serves as an exceptional coaching tool for sales managers.  The three buckets are all connected and performance improves immediately when one of the buckets is added to.   Sales Pros in the top 20% of any sales organization share the characteristics and behavior outlined by the Formula for Success.

Formula for Success Creates Path to Sales Success

Formula for Success, when followed in a committed and persistent way, is a path to sales success.  It is not rocket science, for sure, but is a tested and proven approach that produces exceptional results.  With only three buckets or areas to monitor, the Formula for Success is simple to learn, simple to use, and simple to integrate into your sales process.  Starting with an exceptional attitude and a daily commitment to adding to you skills and knowledge base is critical.  One of the keys to success is consistent prospecting or consistent focus on goal achieving activity.  Having an “Appointment with Success” or a plan to stay in the goal achieving zone is a differentiator between Top 20% sales people and everyone else.  Sales leaders know the path to sales success is in the Formula for Success.

Formula for Success Used as a Coaching and Performance Tool

Formula for Success is an effective coaching and performance improvement tool.  Sales managers tasked with driving sales and helping sales reps get to the next level in their sales career know that the Formula for Success works as a coaching tool. It is simple to use and exceptionally effective.   Using the formula as a coaching and performance tool shortens the coaching session time and because it is so easy to relate to and so easy to explain, reps “get it” sooner and are able to produce immediate results.  The three buckets of the formula are easy to understand and explain and sales production issues are always found  in one of the buckets.  Great sales managers get great results by using the Formula for Success.

Formula for Success Not Just for Sales

Formula for Success is not just for sales.  It works for any endeavor or task.  Having the right attitude, setting and accomplishing goals through a focus on goal achieving activities, and a constant improvement of the relevant skill set produces exceptional results.  Musicians, writers, poets, educators, business people of all stripes and anyone else will benefit from the concepts in the Formula for Success.  Let’s say you decide to become a good guitar player.  Starting with the right attitude, developing a sales success plan with goals and actions, staying focused on those goal achieving activities while constantly improving your skill set will with commitment and persistence, produce a guitar player.  The same is true for any endeavor from playing cards to playing chess or learning and excelling at a hobby.  Anyone interested in Success can follow the Formula for Success.

Exceptional primer on what it takes to be successful in sales that every pro and every manager needs to read!

The Formula for Success Produces Real World Results

The Formula for Success was “discovered” by Bruce C. “Brew” Harrell, CDIA+ over a thirty year career as an award winning sales rep and leader of successful sales teams for companies like Daniel Cook and Associates; Lanier Business Systems; Danka Industries; and Advanced Imaging Solutions/Strategies.  The “secrets” of highly successful sales people came to Harrell as a sales rep, sales supervisor, sales manager, branch manager, district and regional manager for sales organizations.  He also served as VP of Sales and Marketing for DCA and was instrumental in developing a multi-billion dollar program with national outreach.  All of that experience has gone into the Formula for Success and adherents who follow the formula testify to the real world results produced.  Highly successful sales reps and sales managers know that real world results happen when you follow the Formula for Success.

The Formula for Success is A Blue Print to A Successful Sales Career

The Formula for Success is a blueprint to a successful sales career.  It applies to every sales job and every industry.  It can be replicated and following it faithfully accelerates your ability to sell, produce results in the top 20% of the sales organization and have the career you want.  Great sales people know the value of the Formula for Success and integrate it into their sales process.  Being successful in sales always provides opportunities for career enhancement and additional responsibilities.  A successful sales career can be enhanced by the Formula for Success

The Formula for Success Separates the Top 20% from The Rest of the Herd

The Formula for Success separates the very top sales performers from the rest of the sales organization.  Characteristics shared by the Top 20% can be replicated by any sales person at any point in their career and accelerate their results.  The Formula for Success adherents share the commitment and persistence required for sales success.  They also know the importance of ATTITUDE on performance and do the things necessary to maintain positive, can do, professional attitudes.  They start their days with a daily affirmation and work diligently to create an environment in which they can successfully keep great ATTITUDES.  They also know the importance of focusing on goal achieving activities and they insure that they schedule a daily “Appointment with Success” that is sacred and cannot be violated and gives them every opportunity to increase their sales and sales revenues.

The Formula for Success is Not Just for Sales

The Formula for Success is as much a philosophy as a tool for sales performance.  It applies to any endeavor, really.  If you want to be a great guitar player you have to decide to be a great player, figure out what great players do, have the right attitude and do the goal achieving activity you need to do every day to acquire the skills you need.  With commitment and persistence you can become a great player.  The same is true in sports, or math, or science, or literature, or playing cards or anything else.  Attitude, Goal Achieving Activity, and an ever increasing skill set times commitment reinforced by persistence will produce results.  Anything you commit to do in life can be enhanced by the formula for success.

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